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korean languag school

       KIMMY KIM , Your Korean Coach

 You’ll study natural native Korean conversation and be able to listen effectively to native speaker’s conversations and speak clearly, naturally and confidently so that you’ll never feel intimidated by an Korean conversation ever again!



  I have come to understand the difficulties students faced here, especially when students have different learning abilities, learning styles, interests and objectives. Having 10-15 student classroom, it is harder to focus on individual practice opportunity as time per session is limited. That is the primary reason I devote my classes towards a small group 2~3 pax  for a controlled environment.  The class would follow a standardized textbook syllabus, which can get learners passed Topic exam, with sufficient interaction between students and teacher.

  The most important factor when learning any language is to have fun and feel comfortable.

Also, as my classes are small size atmosphere is so cozy to ask questions and talk with your partners. 

Don’t be shy and worry about making mistakes, just enjoy learning! If there is a need for learning criteria or specific objectives outside normal syllabus, you may consider 1-to-1 lessons as well. you'll be speaking a lot more, getting much more personal feedback and making much faster progress. You might even be surprised at how quickly your Korean is getting better!

Also you can learn Korean language online no matter where you are in the world.



  Simply looking at the words and connecting words doesn't make you be able to listen and speak.

Many students can read well but they are weak of listening, especially speaking. why?

Language is just like when we exercise. We listen to something and speak up. No matter how you know the theory of Korean, that doesn't mean you have a good listening skill and speaking skills. It's just like the swimming theory expert can't be a gold medalist in the Olympics.

in order to practice speaking, Imitating a native speaker is very efficient way to improve your Korean pronunciation and expressions faster than any other method. 

  this method's purpose is to practice for a conversation flow. it doesn't mean just memorizing sounds and repeating but it means understanding and recognizing the meaning units of Korean through the native sound, and then repeating them.

  what you're going to learn here is not what to say but how to say. In Kimmy Korean language studio's lessons, 'Imitating a native speaker' is practiced in every lesson so that you can process Korean faster and more accurately. As you gain confidence in speaking the language, you will also start to enjoy conversations in Korean.

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