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The regular class is designed to develop and create a balance between the four skills of language: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. It is especially recommended to learners who wish to firmly improve Korean on a long-term basis. 


'USABLE" is the most important key when you learn a Korean language at KIMMY Korean Language Studio. 

You will learn common sentence patterns and vocabulary with full range of activities that you will find both useful  and exciting. The class would follow a standardized textbook syllabus, which can get learners passed Topic exam. These courses are running to small groups with 2~3 students.

Students can benefit from the close attention of a fully- qualified teacher, while taking active part in the classes and motivating energy of a group.


  • Course
  • 1 Term
  • Duration
  • Fee
  • Class size
  • Text book
Regular class
1.5hrs * 8 sessions / once a week
3 pax


1. TRIAL lessons for you to experience my teaching and the classroom environment. In this lesson, you will learn basic Korean alphabet, Hangeul. So, this class is only for those who have never learnt Korean language.

2. We open new basic 1 classes every month. Placement test is required for students to find out other level classes.

 If you find out which class you are suitable, please make an appointment for placement test first.

3. Each lesson is conducted once a week and one lesson lasts 1.5 hours.

Tuition fee is $370(8 sessions *1.5hrs) and textbook is $50 (eg. basic 1,2 - one textbook is used.)

4.Please note that if you join an ongoing class, the school fee will be adjusted (ie, pay for remaining number of lessons in the term).  If you'd like to join a class which is already full, we'll put you on our waiting list.  

If there is no time slot for your preferred time, please whatsapp me 8862 1330 or email me with using the form below.

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