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All you need to know before you schedule a lesson


1. Do I need to personally visit Kimmy Korean Language Studio to register for the course?

You are not required to visit the school to register If you done online.

You will receive your textbooks at your first lesson.

2. How do I pay for tuition fee? When do I pay the tuition fee?

Tuition fee can be paid to KIMMY Korean Language studio via online bank transfer or walked-in. Tuition fee must be paid  14 days before the start of a new term. 

We seek your understand that if payment is not received by the deadline, your slot will be given to other students on the waiting list. 

3. Can I join an ongoing class instead of waiting for a new term to start?

Of course, you are welcome to join us.

However, I will evaluate your level of understanding prior to joining to ensure you are placed in the appropriate class based on your Korean language experience.
In cases where you join an ongoing class, your course fee will be adjusted accordingly.

As an example, if you join the sixth lesson of an ongoing term (there's 8 lessons in 1 full term), you need to pay for only the remaining lessons.

4. What happens if I miss a lesson? Can I join a make-up lesson?

If you miss a lesson, you will be offered a free make-up lesson 15 mins before the next class lesson.

As an example, if you miss the previous class and the next class is Thursday 4pm - 5:30pm, the make-up will begin at 3:45 pm on that Thursday. 

5. May I visit to KIMMY Korean Language Studio to inquire? 

Please contact me through email for any inquiry. The classroom is strictly for lessons only.

The school timetables is available on this website. I will reply your inquiries via email.

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