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Wherever you are in the world

you can take the lessons with KIMMY.

    In The Online 1-on-1 Korean Classes,  

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" The lessons are trailed by learner's depend."

"You can have direct access to a native Korean-speaking teacher, KIMMY, which is incredibly important for your Korean pronunciation and listening abilities"

"Lessons are more focus on your needs

You can speak more and have full attention of a teacher."

You can save money and time.

(no need to travel!)

and take lesson face to face.

(via Skype)

How it works in the class

Step 1

Before taking lessons , you can receive some class materials by e-mail

Step 2

Regular lesson time.

Step 3

After lessons, you can be given the lesson summary 

including feedback. 

How do I start?

I offer a free trial class in order to check the learners's Korean language abilities and share with you how to study Korean language. So please fill out the form below to book for the free trial class.

What will be happened in the Free trial lesson?

Free trial


the aim

Program Suggestion



Lesson Start

At first, You will introduce yourself like where you're from, why you want to learn Korean, and your goals. And I need to know in which level you are. so I'll check your Korean language level with a few questions. Sometimes We will talk about a topic of your choice for 10 minutes(depends on the learner's level ) And then I will give you feedback overall about your Korean level.​ I will also share with you how we can work together to improve your Korean.

Other Important Information

Here is some more information about your free trial lesson

Simply fill out the form below or message me on Skype

*username: Korean_With_Kimmy 

* Must to write your e-mail, your country, available time, course in the form

*you must have Skype (free to download) installed on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Thank you for visiting 'Kimmy Korean Language Studio'

How to set up ' Skype'

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Enter the official Skype site

Choose the correct platform (computer, mobile, tablet etc.)

Install Skype.

Sign up with Skype to create your own account.

Check your microphone in the menu bar.

Click Tool - Options - Audio settings

Click the ' Add a contact' button

Add 'Korean_With_Kimmy' Skype account.